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Poveglia Island -

Located in Italy near Venice, Poveglia Island is the most haunted Island in all of Italy. During the Black Death the island was used as a plague pit for the thousands of people infected with the disease. It’s estimated that around 16,000 people died and were burned on the island after suffering from the contagious disease. The death toll was so high that some people believe that the soil on the island consists of 50% human bone and ash.

In the 20th Century a hospital for the mentally ill was opened on the island. The patients of the hospital claimed to have seen ghosts of plague victims roaming the island and hearing screams late at night. These claims were dismissed by the doctors due to the mental state of the patients. The ghosts were the least of the patients’ worries though. The head doctor of the hospital was preforming experiments on his patients, taking them to the tower to preform lobotomies using drills and hammers. Eventually this practice started to drive the doctor mad and he started to see the ghosts of the island himself, which drove him to throw himself from the roof of the hospital tower. The fall didn’t kill him though. It’s said that when he hit the ground a mist rose up from the ground and strangled him, killing him. According to some stories the doctor’s body was bricked up inside the tower and he still haunts the island.

Today the hospital is just a ruin and it is impossible to visit the island. The Italian government has declared it off limits to both locals and visitors.  


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new tags 

two new tags are dibs studies which will include ufos pranormal and supernatural type things along with magic things and then mun rambling which is when its me talking aka ooc


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went on the paranormal tag to do some reblogging for dib and just some of that shit i aint ready for it is too damn early for my mind to process that scurry ass shit


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so uh im going to try and start posting here shits just been cray in life and drama in so many rps its been hard to get back in. anyone want to rp?


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The Sun, which is like Britain’s equivalent of The New York Times, has posted footage taken by a young boy in his home of an actual ghost.[x]


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my laptop screen is brighter than my future